XI Edition – 2012




Projected shorts:

Trinitat Vella Civic Center

Muertos y Vivientes by Iñaki San Román
Begegnung by Matthias Zuder
Supermarket Inn by Sara López
Flatmates 3.0 by Francesco Marisei
Viejos perdedores by Rubén Ordieres
Cosquillitas by Marta Onzain and Alberto R. Peña
Salon Royale by Sabrina Campos
MI by Vojtehc Domlatil
Anatole by Elbe Stevens
L´Equip Petit by Roger Gómez and Dani Resines

Mercè Square

Dicen by Alauda Ruiz de Azúa
036 by Juan Fernando and Esteban Roel García
Picnic  by Gerardo Herrero
Little Tombstone by Azais, Di Malta, Leymonerie and Quillet
Los gritones by Roberto Pérez Toledo
Decapoda Shock by Javier Chillón
Bucle by Aritz Moreno
La Huida by Victor Carrey
Na Wewe by Ivan Goldschmidt

Off Mabuse

Selection of successful short films at festivals around the world:
Acuse de recibo by Javi Meler (Spain)
FOLDed by Surabhi Saraf (India/USA)
Le voile déchiré by Jean-Eudes Pokou (Costa de Marfil)
Gianni Schicchi by Francesco Visco (Italy)
Beware by What The Film! (France)
The Black Hole by Diamond Dogs (Phil &Olly) (England)
Ángeles sin cielo by Victor Cuadrado (Spain)
All.I.Can by Sherpas Cinema (USA
Second hand by Isaac King (Canada)
Splitscreen a love story by James W. Griffiths (England)
L’accordeur by Olivier Treiner (France)

Cloenda party at the end of the session at the Nau Ivanow with the group Il Xef Malatesta.

Spots from XI Mostra Dr Mabuse

In this edition we have a promo for the Mostra de shortmetratges Dr. Mabuse 2012 with three fragments that show a daily action through three different cinematographic genres: a Western at the most pure Sergio Leone style, a romantic crush and the request for coffee more “Creepy” of Barcelona.