La Jarra Azul

LA JARRA AZUL created the Dr. Mabuse Short Film Festival in 2002, with the aim of proposing a different activity close to young people for the Festival of the Trinitat Vella neighbourhood.

The result, more than 20 years later, is that the Show is fully consolidated, converted into an international show and adding other projection spaces.

In 2011, Barcelona City Council awarded the city’s medal of honor to La Jarra Azul for its cultural and social work.

In addition to the production of cycles and events, La Jarra Azul has also produced several shows such as: Los niños de Morelia, by Víctor Hugo Rascón Banda, in co-production with the Mexican company Conjuro Teatro, or Solidus, directed by Antonio Morcillo.

Of his productions currently continue on tour:

3,2,1…zero Click here

Winnipeg, el vaixell de Neruda Click here 

La Jarra Azul is going to be founded on December 19, 1999.